Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Uppercase Art

How does one go about selecting a letter to hang as wall art? 

I guess initials or the first letter of a name could work, but that could come across as a bit narcissistic no?

A favorite letter would make the choice simple however I honestly don't really have one and 26 choices is hard, what with my track record of being indecisive and all...

I've thought about spelling out a word with multiple letters but can't find the perfect word; I'm also normally too cheap to buy multiple letters.

I'm not sure how these homeowners (or their designers) chose their letters but whatever method they are using it's working!

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This punch of red in a large N livens up a minimal industrial office while the graphic wallpaper feature wall in this bedroom has a carnival flair to it.

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The soft turquoise B and ombre dresser are lovely in a nursery or child's room.

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This graphic G is bold and as a result probably my favorite. I really like the font and low hanging light.
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  1. I definitely have an M on my desk and my initials hanging in my home office, my initals being an "M" and an "E" look even more self absorbed!