Monday, October 17, 2011

Great Read - Everyday Eden

A friend passed along this book for me to peruse - and wow, am I glad that she did!

Written by Christina Symons and John Gillespie (Authors living in BC!), Everyday Eden is overflowing with inexpensive, creative, and green gardening ideas as well as recipes that focus on home-grown ingredients.

The book covers a wide variety of topics including planning and planting a garden, sharing your plants, how to handle unwanted visitors, creating garden accessories like stepping stones and rain stays, and how to utilize your garden to make tasty snacks and delicious smelling beauty products. My favorite idea is a wreath made out of adorable succulents!
This book definitely deserves a look - but guess what? I found their blog, by the same name, written by the very same authors, with even more amazing ideas! Go check it out here and learn how to grow your own tea, make some fantastic looking vegetable wraps, and plant bulbs in time for spring.

So many ideas - I feel it's a shame fall is here...


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