Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2011 Room for Color Favorites - North, South, and International

As promised, I'm back today with my favorite entries in the North, South and International categories for Apartment Therapy's annual Room for Color Contest. I'll risk sounding like a broken record to say it again: there were some really amazing rooms entered this year. So good in fact that I am a bit jealous.

As I did yesterday - each title links back to the full entry on Apartment Therapy with more pictures!

Cory's "Orange with a Kick" Room - I can't seem to get this amazing kitchen out of my mind! Those orange stripes are fantastic (just the right width and the the perfect paint hue) and they work so well with the soft gray walls and wood cabinets.

Anna & Brad's "Taste of the Rainbow" Room - This room actually received a bit of flack in the comments section, the only negative thing I saw throughout the contest. Someone was upset that the room only incorporated a bit of colour (in the bright red rug and a few throw pillows)  but I think that Anna and Brad have done a really great job mixing colour into a minimalist room. After all, this contest is for regular people with real homes and realistic budgets, not design superstars.

Alison's "Vintage-Modern Blue & Grey" Room - I apologize that this photo doesn't depict the entire room but this little corner is just too gorgeous not to share. The greenish blue walls, chevron rug, vintage coffee table and intricate window detail are all layered together to make a truly lovely space.

Jessica's "Mid Century Style" Room - Initially the mauve paint in this room caught my attention, then the deep rich flooring, and finally the cozy textiles in the rug, chair, and sofa.

Majken's "Calm Scandinavian Room" - I really thought that this would be the room to beat in the International category but as it turns out, Majken's glorious room placed 4th, less than 50 votes ahead of me. I love the slate blue wall, hanging light fixture, and colour blocked bookshelf. In the end, it just wasn't meant to be...

The International Category has closed but the leaders in all 4 US categories - North, South, East, West - have been compiled and voting is now open to select one American winner. If you want to vote, head over to Apartment Therapy. Quite a few of my favorites are still in the running which clearly shows that I have impeccable taste...


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