Friday, November 11, 2011

Apartment Therapy 2011 Room for Color Contest

Oh my goodness - I am so excited right now I'm practically shaking! 

Every year, Apartment Therapy holds an epic Room for Color Contest and this time around I decided to take a leap and enter. 

I'd submitted a few days ago but when I didn't hear anything right away I thought I'd been passed over. Apparently patience isn't my strength because early this morning I received an email letting me know my room had been selected!

It really is cause for celebration, especially when I think of how popular Apartment Therapy is and how many thousands of entries they have to sift through for a limited number of spots in the contest.

Since I'm outside of the US my room is in the international category and there is some stiff competition - I looked. Also, the submission has been open for weeks and I'm only now slipping in so the top rooms have been collecting votes for awhile and I need to play catch up.

Here's a sample of my entry - if you like what you see and want to check it out, including tips for using colour and how I find inspiration you can visit my submission at Apartment Therapy here. When you're there, please feel free to vote for me by "liking" my room!

The voting is open until November 21st at noon (EST). I'll let you know how it goes and thanks in advance for any votes you may pass my way.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh I love your white solair chair! My mom has an orange one that she uses indoors too. If you would like to see what she did with her's you can check out her post Hello Again, 1970s from October. Mom and I love everything vintage! Good luck in the contest, your room looks fabulous! ~ Alicia