Monday, December 12, 2011

Another Yarn Wrapped DIY - Earring Holder

Last Christmas I found an amazing gift for my friend Elyse - then struggled for a week about giving it away. It was a lovely warn wrapped frame with strung beads; perfectly eclectic, colourful, and fun. 

I did the right thing and gifted it, keeping my karma intact, but the darn frame haunted my dreams. A year later, after countless store visits that always ended in disappointment, I met Elyse for coffee and an impromptu Pier 1 stop only to find that they've re-stocked the frames! 

The lovely frame from Pier 1

I picked one up - for myself this time - and didn't let it out of my sight until it was bought, paid for, and safely home. Then I got to thinking... 

The DIY part of my brain just couldn't resist attempting a re-creation of this frame so I bought a plain wooden frame for $1 at Michaels, scrounged up some yarn, and got down to business.

Pier 1

To start, I painted the frame gray to ensure no wooden bits would show after wrapping the frame with yarn. I then started wrapping the yarn and alternated colours to get a stripped effect. To cover the ends I pulled out the glue gun - why does it always result in burned fingers? 

After the frame was fully wrapped  and I liked the layers I added a strand or two of beads. I limited this because they can be expensive but if I try it again I think I'll add more - I really like the chunkier look of the Pier 1 frame. 

Finished Product

Because my little wooden frame didn't come with glass, and I already had the frame from Pier 1, I decided to make my DIY attempt it into an earring holder. This was done by simply gluing a piece of lace to the back - voila, instant earring display.

Inspiration and creation

I'm thinking that the white lace might look really lovely with some neutral yarn and a couple strands of simple faux pearls - There are a lot of options I'm excited to try.

Overall this project took a couple of hours and cost less than $10 (excluding the yarn). If you don't have yarn or lace on-hand I've found some great stuff at thrift stores (just make sure it's from a smoke-free home). 


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  1. oh heck yeah! That is so beautiful... way better than the original, and I shall not find happiness in life if I don't make myself a few of them beauties. You did a great job!