Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Inspiration - Not Your Traditional Trees

Fresh cut trees are everything Christmas should be - nostalgic, authentic, festive, and really good smelling. But I'll admit they can be a lot of work. 

First you need to pick one from a lot of hundreds without being able to fully see them because they're wrapped in netting. Then, after you finally make a decision, you need to get it home - even if you don't own a pick-up truck. Once home, haul the thing upstairs, dropping needles everywhere only to vacuum them up later, and try to set it in the base (at least a two person job). Finally, get over yourself, stop arguing with the person/people helping you, and decorate the darn thing! 

And, if you're like me, your tree will fall over at least once after it is fully decorated.

Now that I've bummed everyone out about Christmas...

A fresh-cut tree may not be for everyone and there are always the fake options but if you are in the mood for something completely unique, and perhaps a bit out there, I've found some options that retain the holiday feel without all of the traditional work.

If your favorite part of a traditional tree is the sparkling lights this option may just work. The use of simple white lights is modern, simple, and clean and best of all? No needles to clean up!

via Pinterest

Here is another wall style tree which is great for a small space where branches and needles take up precious square footage. Branches are attached to the wall with colourful ornaments and a star to make Charlie Brown's tree come to life!

via the are of doing stuff

For a more three dimensional approach, these branches turned tree are a fantastic option. They could easily be display all year - minus the ornaments for the other 11 months  - and require minimal maintenance.

via Shelterness

via Geisslein

via Houzz

Finally, I really love this mobile style tree which makes sense since it's probably really hard to make and would take a ton of time. Made from individual green ornaments strung on fishing line the balls are hung at varying heights to make a tree. It may take some time but there's a lot of room for presents underneath since it's suspended from the ceiling.

via Curbly

If a traditional tree is still for you, one of these options could make a nice tree for the basement or rec-room. After all, who says you can't have more than just one tree? 


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