Friday, December 16, 2011

A Bit of Brilliance - Technicolor Christmas

When it comes to decorating for the holidays do you trend towards the traditional side or embrace a more modern aesthetic? 

We're starting to see more and more decorations available in non-traditional colour schemes and I think, why not? Instead of having to change out your everyday decor for red, white, and green, play it up and have some fun with the entire spectrum of colour. Today I've found some fantastic examples of pale pink, bright turquoise, mint green, regal purple, and lively fuchsia that are all modern, eclectic, and fun.

What are the holidays without a little touch of Scandinavian design? A whimsical pink tree and yellow table make for a room that isn't too serious. 
via Pinterest

I love, love, love vintage ornaments and this mesh bowl is the perfect display for a collection that is too precious to hang on the tree. The mix of faded pinks, greens, and blues is really lovely.

via simple thoughts

This vintage tree display is gorgeous. The mint green sign and pastel trees are festive without distracting from everything else going on. 

via Yvestown

When your walls are dark navy 365 days a year it's tough to opt for an all-white colour scheme. Instead, the rich tones of gold, purple, and blue are picked up from the rug and the tree looks like it belongs there. The presents are wrapped in coordinating paper too - my mom would love that!

via Trendey

I really hope this wreath is on the front door of the house above - the colour pallet is identical. I really like the mix of rustic branches and sparkling balls in this wreath, it's festive without overdoing it.

via Etsy

I'm having a bit of an internal struggle right now over these white trees. I LOVE the vintage look but I've always had a live Christmas tree and when I think about switching to fake I get a tad big nostalgic.  This particular tree is just beautiful and the coloured ornaments really pop.

via Flickr

If I'm being honest, my table settings never look this coordinated or fancy. The hanging ornaments add to the festiveness but the pink and purple settings could easily be used anytime of year which is so smart.

via The Lennoxx

The fuchsia in this DIY felt wreath could easily be red or green for the holidays but I think the reason I love it so much is the unexpected hit of pink - against that charcoal door it's design magic. 

via Etsy

If you're tempted to add some more colour but don't know where to start why not pick one area to focus on? A new wreath for the front door or a box of bright ornaments to sprinkle in with what you've already got. The way I see it, the holidays are about spending time with family, appreciation for what we have, and giving to others so if you're decorations don't look like a magazine cover no-one will hold it against you (and if they do, don't invite them back!).


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