Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Inspiration - Pretty Packaging

Growing up I always loved to wrap gifts. It's a precise art really, creasing the paper to create sharp corners, interweaving ribbon and curling the ends and choosing the perfect bow to finish it off.

When I was about 12 my mother decided she was Martha Stewart - and I say this with love in my heart. She determined that the traditional wrapping paper was not sufficient and decided to go with a theme - it was brown butcher style paper with crinkly shiny ribbon in bright fuchsia, blue, teal, and purple.

There were other themes over the years and at times I worried she was re-wrapping packages from friends and family to suit the theme before placing the gifts under the tree. Although this sort of thing could have qualified for a full-fledged intervention, the novelty started to wear off and although she carefully selects new paper and bows each year I think she's stopped re-wrapping gifts (at least I hope so).

My personal approach is a bit more eclectic - I buy a few rolls of paper I like, normally shinny, bright, and on-sale, and once all the gifts are stacked under the tree is looks like a tie-dyed shirt at Woodstock. Whether you're wrapping preferences are traditional, more free-spirited, or Martha Stewart style dictatorship here are some beautiful ideas I couldn't help but share...

Gold Chevron Paper via Anthropologie

Lace and Satin Ribbon via Pinterest

Grey and Peach via Pinterest

Natural Wrapping Paper via HGTV
Photo Tags via Pinterest
Stamped Tree via Etsy
Simple Twine Ribbon via Wit & Delight

Candy Canes via Older & Wisor


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