Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Inspiration - Superb Sugar Cookies

Every year Christmas seems to creep up, unsuspectingly, and springs itself on me. I always recognize that it's coming and push off shopping and decorating only to have the month of December slip silently by. 

This year is no exception. With only a few precious days left, I've managed to purchase all my gifts and only have a couple left to wrap but I haven't tackled any baking yet and the chance of getting it all done isn't looking good.

Normally I try to make two or three types of cookies - the necessary shortbread and decorated sugar cookies - as well as bars, two-three types of pie, and some nibbling snacks like nuts and bolts. Apparently you can accomplish much more when you get a month off from school; now that I'm working my extra curricular accomplishments are becoming less and less impressive.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like I'll get around to the sugar cookies this year - the rolling, cutting, baking, and decorating takes a ton of time. Although even if I was making a batch this year I can guarantee they wouldn't look this spectacular. Oh to have mad piping skills...

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