Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Inspiration - Wonderful Wreaths

It seems that a wreath hanging on the front door signals universally that the Holidays are here. 

Even in strata dominated complexes (like my own) where rules dictate when decorations can go up and how long they can stay up before they have to come down, a wreath fits into a wonderful fuzzy gray area. You can cheat and put it up early or let it stay put into January without warranting much complaint. 
These wreaths are so lovely I'd be tempted to put one up the day after Halloween and leave it hanging until the snow melts...

Carefully straddling the line between traditional and modern, rustic and contemporary, this wreath relies on the tried and true greenery but kicks thing up a notch with glittery stars. 

via Creative Decorations

Perfect for inside, this DIY wreath is made of fragrant cinnamon sticks and would be lovely way to greet guests as they arrive or display in the kitchen. 

via dillydallas
I really love the orange and copper hues in this wreath and although I rarely find myself admiring dehydrated fruit, this really works. 

via Better Homes & Gardens

This delicate butterfly wreath would look lovely year around on a front door or as artwork indoors.

via oc cottage

Definitely more traditional than the rest, the monochromatic colour scheme keeps it modern. I love the sparkle!

via Deck the Halls of Home with Joy

I've counted 4 wreaths in my home...


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