Monday, January 23, 2012

5 Ways to Add Colour to Your Space

Isn't colour great? Nothing against the monochromatic look, I'll drool over a lovely white room any day, I just can't live like that.

Although I adore colour, I've found it difficult to use correctly at times. If you're like me, your walls are probably a neutral colour (gray) and you've opted for furniture in "safer" colours (gray); ignoring the style magazines because "you might get tired of a royal blue sofa". There's nothing wrong with this approach, there have to be others out there, like me, thinking "I can add colour with accessories" - until you see a dream room on some nasty design blog featuring none other than that fabulous royal blue couch you passed up.

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1. Pick a Palette

If you're going to wander into the wonderful world of colour, a road-map will keep you on the right path. I don't subscribe to many decorating rules so when I say "road-map" it could be as simple as buying what you like or deciding how you want a room to feel. If you've got a rough plan for your space you'll get there, I have faith.

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2. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Old Faithful, using accessories to add a pop of colour is the fail safe approach for a reason. It's relatively straightforward, inexpensive, and easy to change, that's why everyone does it. Although it's a great first step, I find that on it's own, a few scattered accessories can leave a room feeling flat. Also, I always lean towards gray, even in accessories, it's a sickness really.

3. Say it with Paint

When you open a new notebook do you recognize the infinite possibilities of that flawlessly smooth paper staring back at you? That's how I feel about a can of paint. Yes, it may turn out wrong (a colour on a paint chip isn't a great example of how it will look in the end) but the risk is worth the reward - a colourful wall you can't stop staring at is a beautiful thing.

via Layers of Meaning

4. Opt for Pattern

Pattern can say a lot about a person. It can also intimidate the pants off you. Although a bit scary, pattern adds an energy to a room that you just can't replace. To start with, try one pattern, stripes or polka dots or floral or chevron, not all four at once. If that doesn't do it for you, why not try multiple patterns in one colour?

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5. Layer Up

I've been known to wear four tops at once, let's just say I've really embraced the whole layering look. But guess what? Layering works just as great in a room. Once you have a road-map of where your room is headed, pick a feature wall, add in some colourful accessories, pick up pattern in your pillows, and then sit back and enjoy your new space.

My Bedroom

The best thing about a room is it never stops evolving. It's never too late to switch something up or introduce a new colour or pattern.


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