Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fantastic Etsy Finds for a Fantastic Friend

I have a wonderful friend - well I have multiple friends and they are all wonderful - but the one I'm going to introduce you to today is Jen. 

Jen is easily one of the most caring, genuine people I've ever met. She loves the colour orange and French Bulldogs, can rock an infinity scarf like no one else, and has four fur babies. A couple days ago we met for coffee (we were really supposed to go to the gym but someone forgot their running shoes) and for some reason, perhaps it's infatuation, everything I saw online that evening reminded me of her. 

It probably doesn't help that I spent the night perusing Etsy (one of her faves) and compiled a list of all the things I think she should buy (she doesn't need much encouragement).

This scarf immediately got me thinking of Jen - the wool is classic, the leather trim and buttons are a little bit rock-and-roll and she'd look lovely in this pale green-blue colour.

via Etsy

Maybe it's me who really loves these little blue tea cups but Jen likes hot beverages too and I think the little bees add just enough whimsy for her taste. Also, I've seen a mug she was given in the past, it ended up holding pens on her desk, and I know for a fact that these would be better received!

via Etsy

Did I mention that Jen loves French Bulldogs? In fact, she has two little pups I photographed back in August. I know that she would love these note cards, the only problem is that she may struggle to give them away!

via Etsy

Jen and I met at my first job out of University - she took me under her wing and introduced me to the exciting world of insurance! Although we don't get to work together anymore, a gift like these lovely botanical magnets would force her to think about me every time she reached for the filing cabinet...

via Etsy

These little pendants are completely charming and wearable. I'm such a good friend that I'd be willing to leave the orange one for Jen and take a yellow or red one instead.

via Etsy

Wasn't this fun - Don't you want to be friends with Jen too!?!


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  1. I <3 you and everything on this list. xxoo