Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Have A Heart

Yeah, Yeah... I missed Valentine's Day - at least here in blog land. Sue me. 

Sorry, that came out a bit more sour than intended. It's not that I don't not like Valentine's Day, it's just that I don't care enough to put in the effort - get dressed up, go out, buy gifts, write down how I feel...

Although, I should be honest and say that my heart melted a bit when I got home from work to some lovely red roses. Oh, and I like the chocolate part of the day. 

Always the one to jump on the bandwagon at the very last possible moment, here are some lovely Valentine's-esque ideas. 

Quite possible the absolute best thing I've seen on Pinterest in awhile, these cheesecakes are mirrored after those adorable little message candies!

via Hungry Happenings

Perfect size, fun shape, great colour combo, and quirky graphic element, this ring has it all if you ask me - plus it would look great with almost anything. 

via Etsy

This heart shaped rock collection is so lovely - what a neat idea. I can only imagine the story behind each individual rock.

via Completely Costal

Every ounce of childhood wonder I still have has me asking - how'd they do that? This shell pendant is gorgeous, and the heart detail adds the perfect touch of whimsy! 

via Etsy

Easily DIY-able with some scissors or a heart shaped punch, I love this simple Valentine's Day card. Imagine using patterned, printed, or embossed paper for the little hearts!

via Etsy

Well there you have it - oh, and Happy Belated Valentine's Day.


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