Monday, February 27, 2012

On My Mind - 26.02.2012

Right now I can't stop thinking about... 

Patterned Tights - Sexy and graphic, yet subtle enough to wear before the sun goes down... I really love this pattern and, although ornate, they'd probably find a way into my wardrobe every now and then, especially on those "brave" days.

via Obaz

Hilarious Dog Photography -The underwater element takes these "pet" photos to another level - the moments photographer Seth Casteel was able to capture are spectacular. The complete joy and absolute commitment these dogs have for simply chasing a ball makes me want to put more effort into my own free time. 

via msn

Any & All Lemon Desserts - My mouth is watering just thinking about this Meyer Lemon Pudding Cake but I wouldn't turn down a coffee cake, cupcake, or cheesecake either. Heck at this point a lemon-blueberry muffin could curb my craving - for a minute or two. 

via The Vintage Mixer

Charm Friendship Bracelets - The bright bold colours have me thinking of spring and the little charms are just - charming. These are simply braided although I remember making more intricate versions as a teenager. Wonder if it's still cool to pin them to your jeans while you knot away?

via Quiet Lion

Summer! - I know it's only the end of February and summer is a few months off but without a sunny vacation this winter I'm jonesing for some warm rays. Also, this above ground pool is just plain cool and super inviting. 

via Bonytt

Here's to warmer days right around the corner. 

Have a lovely Monday,

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