Monday, March 26, 2012

Drink, Drink, Drink

Hello! I'm back with a little bit of fun to kick off the week.

First let me start this post by saying that my drinking abilities are lackluster at best. I enjoy cocktails on the patio, and a beer now and then, but any and all of my friends will chose me last for a competitive drinking team - and rightfully so.

Luckily, this inferiority hasn't held me back from befriending some people who are extremely gifted in the drinking arena. As a result, I've been roped into the obligatory drinking games* and able to witness some truly creative games - games that incorporate props, special tables, sporting equipment, and a mental dictionary of Pokemon characters.

If I ever have a midlife crisis and end up as an activity director on a cruise ship I'd like to think my years as a spectator would pay off. 

Perhaps my lack of drinking skill has made me naive, but I was surprised when a plethora of television and movie themed drinking games started showing up on Pinterest ."You mean my friends aren't the only college students putting off homework to finalize the new rules to Harry Potter themed** King's Cup?".

I'm also a little worried that so many people are sitting at home on a Monday night drinking (to get wasted???) while watching The Big Bang Theory. I'll tell myself they've purchased the first season on DVD and are using it on a Saturday night to break the ice at a party where everyone is legal and has planned ahead for a safe ride home.

Here are a few of my favorites for all the "seasoned" drinkers out there.

Honestly, I question how people get through this show sober. via 9gag

For the non-diehard fans via Pinterest

So many drinking opportunities via Pinterest

A whole week of non-stop drinking fun via imgur

In tribute to these crazy-creative games, and to Pinterest where I spend a good portion of my time, I thought it only fitting that there was a Pinterest Drinking Game - for those nights on the couch with a glass of wine (or multiple glasses, no judgement). 

As more and more people join Pinterest (and fill it up with random crap - don't get me started...) this game may get you more and more drunk - use responsibly!


*Roxanne is one such game - one person/team drinks whenever Sting sings "Roxanne", the other team/person drinks when he sings "Red Light". Watch out for people playing this game by themselves way too early in the night.

**Yes I played a HP themed drinking game a couple years ago at Halloween and it was magical

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