Friday, April 20, 2012

A Bit of Brilliance - Diamonds are Forever

Do you think Kanye pines for his good old days like I do? I remember when Jesus Walks and Diamonds are Forever  were featured in a steady rotation on my iPod...

I know he's put out music since then, and I've heard it's pretty decent actually, but I can't really get over the egotistical showboating and condescending comments. I mean who makes Taylor Swift cry? It's like kicking a dog or something... clearly I'm not over it. 

Anyways onto another rant - why do diamonds have to be so expensive? They're supposed to be a girl's best friend but I can't even afford to have one over for wine and some gossip. I've started seeing a lot of graphic diamonds lately, which may be just the way to introduce myself to such a foreign object. 

Also these diamonds don't increase my chance of being robbed at gunpoint - a very important consideration each morning while I'm accessorizing.

Pendant necklace via Modcloth

vintage inspired poster via Etsy

screen print t-shirt via Etsy 

DIY tote bag via how about orange

iPhone case via Etsy

DIY pendant necklace via oh the lovely things

Have a wonderful weekend!

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