Thursday, April 19, 2012

Go Canucks Go!

I'll admit it, I spent the evening watching my Vancouver Canucks instead of crafting a post for today. In my defense they finally started to look good, at some points, and pulled out a win! Celebrations ensued...

Yes they are down three games to one in the series but if the roles were reversed I wouldn't be counting LA out. In honour of a steep climb back into contention I thought I'd share the some Canuck love with this little video. I thoroughly enjoyed the part about making mistakes - it puts last year's riots in Vancouver in the right context.
Also I've really got a bee in my bonnet about how the fans/media treat Luongo. My family has had to endure my ranting and I wont put you through it so long as you take a minute and seventeen seconds out of your day to watch. 

Oh and if those reasons haven't piqued your interest enough, Ryan Kesler is in it too.


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