Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY Bead Charm Bracelet

I found this chunky chain-and-turquoise necklace on-sale one December while doing some Christmas shopping. After I brought it home, I wore it a handful of times and then it hung out on my jewellery board for months collecting dust.

There was just something about it as a necklace that wasn't working - it was too short, too chunky, the colour didn't quite go with anything I wore - but I still liked it and I wanted to wear it more. Then inspiration hit, after 6-8 months of staring at it hanging there while I fell asleep... I was going to deconstruct the thing and make it into a bracelet!

The whole thing was actually quite easy and made use of supplies I had on hand - I love when you don't have to purchase anything for a project. In addition to the necklace pieces, I used a pair of needle nose pliers, some lovely glass beads, stainless steel pins for beading, and some little wire cutters.

Twenty minutes later... voila! A charming little charm bracelet!

I really love the spectrum of colour - additionally one or two little charms sprinkled in would look great too!


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