Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hey Girl, Suits Edition

A couple weeks ago, while at the gym trying to distract ourselves from groaning tired muscles, my friend Jen and I turned to a favorite topic, men. Particularly men in suits, which naturally led to Ryan Gosling. 

We've come to the conclusion that, as a universal rule, suits and chivalry do for men what beer has been doing for ladies since the dawn of time. Even an average looking guy jumps to an 8 or 9 out of 10 when he throws on a freshly pressed suit and opens the car door for a lady. 

Give me your jacket when I'm cold and my head might just explode. 

Speaking of Ryan Gosling (see how I did that?), I've compiled a list of the best suits, and the guys who wear them, for your viewing pleasure.

Jake Gyllenhaal - Although I think he could make even a ladies' pantsuit look hot

via Tasty Threads

Jon Hamm - Classic and oh so cool as Don Draper on Mad Men

via dhgate

George Clooney - Rocking a suit longer than I've been paying attention and still making it look effortless

via examiner

Matt Bromer - As Neal Caffrey on White Collar, suit-clad Matt steals the scene

via The Silentist

Daniel Craig - Pulling off a suit is definitely a prerequisite for the role of James Bond

via Famous Hot Guys

Barney Stinson/Neil Patrick Harris - Can anyone make a suit more legen-wait for it-dary? Didn't think so.


Ok, ok so I didn't include Ryan Gosling, I promise he'll be back next week for a regular Wednesday post. And for the record, he wasn't skipped because he can't do the suit justice - I really haven't been paying attention to what he wears...

Happy Hump-Day!

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