Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Plant Police

I'm making my boyfriend pare down his growing plant collection - on a side note, is it puns that are the lowest form of humour? 

I know I've shared oodles of plant friendly interiors before and I've discussed at length in at least one post how much I adore oversized, ceiling scraping, lush, leafy varieties so I won't blab on and on - just grant me this one little indulgence... 

isn't she lovely? (via)

What I will say is that my boyfriend prefers cacti and succulents - on every windowsill in our house - and while I love him, I do not love cleaning up dirt from yet another spilled pot that managed to blow off the sill while we were airing out the house.*

I also do not understand the need to have a half dozen cacti that are all exactly the same; is a little variety too much for a girl to ask? So I'm making him purge, but before you make me out to be a wicked, awful person you should know that I'm not getting off scot-free (did you know that's how it was spelled? Me either.). My closet, including shoes and purses, has had to pay the price for this plant-less lifestyle. I'm sure I'll regret it tomorrow.


*This sounds absurd, I know, but you wouldn't believe how often it happens - the plants a tiny, the pots light, and because they need little to no water the soil blows around instead of clinging together.

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