Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Relapse, Eames style

Just two days ago a friend made me insanely jealous by revealing, via Facebook*, that she has been gifted an Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman.


I was at work when the alert came through on my iPhone (don’t judge, I’m fragile right now) and may have let out a very audible gasp of excitement (mixed with anger and pain). Days later I am still trying to move past the envy and resentment, for the good of our friendship – and the hope that she lets me sit in it some day.

Now because we are close friends it’s ok that, after my initial pang of jealousy, I quietly question how she could have possibly “earned” such a fabulous gift. Some not so respectable things flashed through my mind in a moment of weakness however, now that the initial shock has worn off, I will say that my friend is wonderful and honourable and totally deserves this.

On a side note, I too am awesome and caring and 100% deserving of a gift like this too – just a casual FYI to any rich handsome benefactors out there…

It’s also because we are such good friends that I am helping her narrow down leather/wood grain combinations**, compare pricing and look for dealers in the area – oh did I forget to mention that she gets to handpick whichever chair she wants?

As it turns out, all this Eames excitement is too much for a recovering fanatic, my “research” has quickly spiraled out of control becoming a front for hours of iconic furniture stalking online (after the chair to “seat” ratio in our house surpassed 10:1 my internet privileges were limited). Meet my newest fixation, the Plycraft Lounge by George Mulhauser

Isn't the mint upholstery killer? (via)

In some cruel twist of fate, Object Orange has a vintage Mulhauser lounge chair in stock right now, while all my furniture sits in storage and my money is devote to a trip through Europe.

The butter brown leather looks so soft in the pictures…

Take care,

*Everyone everywhere, if you ever find yourself in this predicament please take your chair obsessed friend somewhere public and break the news to them gently. Complement their outfit, make small talk, perhaps spring for coffee before completely crushing their soul.

**If this isn’t torture I don’t know what is; Jack Bauer holding a car battery is less upsetting than helping to pick out my dream chair for someone else. Straight from the movies, she’s marrying my Mr. Right and all I can do is thinking about his strong metal base, sexy curved back, and supple upholstery.

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