Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Tale of Two Cakes

Ah, the infamous bake-off, Jon's Chocolate Mouse Cake versus my Turtle Ice-Cream Cake.

Unfortunately, after the cocoa powder settled, Jon was victorious and I was sent home to drown my sorrows in leftover ice-cream. 

Honestly, I voted for the Chocolate Mouse cake too - it was heavenly.

If you still want to make second rate ice-cream cake it's really quite simple - and gets rave reviews when served solo (Chocolate Mouse Cake on the side ruins everything). 

1. Start with a spring-form pan and either press a cookie crumb crust into the base or bake a brownie crust over a lining of parchment. 

2. Add softened ice-cream over the (cooled) crust; use any flavour ice-cream your heart desires. Put in the freezer to set.

3. Layer chocolate ganache, crushed candies, caramel, or any other tasty treat next. I use this fabulous recipe from Martha Stewart - it doesn't freeze too hard and the dark chocolate is just sweet enough. Return to freezer to set.

4. Top with more softened ice-cream, again any flavour you want. Freeze until solid. 

5. Finish it all off with anything fabulous you can think of - candies, shaved chocolate, drizzled caramel...

For more detailed directions check out this post from last year.

After all of that, the only thing left to do is serve it up and enjoy. Although easy to make, ice-cream cakes are definitely time consuming, the constant freezing time really accumulates. If you don't have 5-6 hours to dedicate to cake making, try cutting out the homemade ganache, limiting the number of layers, or splitting the process up between two days. 

Perfect for a hot night when only something cold will do!


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