Friday, September 7, 2012

A Bit of Brilliance - Glorious Santorini

Our tour of Europe made a stop over in Santorini last week and although far too short in duration, the little island has made a lasting impact and can't wait to return. 

I also can't seem to shake the gorgeous white and blue hues that dot the cliffside from my mind, and the way the whites change as the sun moves throughout the day, especially leading up to sunset. White and blue is a classic palette that can often feel overly nautical, however in Santorini everything feels crisp, modern, and at times very glamorous.

See what I mean? Get my point? Do you catch what I'm laying down? Lots of clean lines, minimal embellishments, and the perfect amount of sea-inpired blue and white striped fabric (none, at all).  We actually passed quite a few lovely restaurants with mid-century inspired tables and seating, one even had the fabulous Louis Ghost Chairs I've been lusting after for years.

I can't think of a place on the island that portrays this minimalist mid-century mix better than Grace Santorini Hotel. No we didn't stay there, we didn't even seek our the lobby to have a peek inside - I admire better from afar (online stalking) - however I'd give up an appendage without a second thought , for just one night in their private Villa Room. 

All photos via Santorini Boutique Hotels

What a glorious gem, inside and out, in one of the most beautiful places I've ever had the chance to visit. Fair warning to the rest of Europe, this will be hard to match but I'm ready if you are.

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