Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Guilty Pleasures - Wedded Details

If you're a regular reader you are probably aware that 1) I am currently living a lovely life abroad, backpacking through Europe, and 2) have a dirty little habit of reading wedding magazines whenever I travel, regardless the distance. 

Now, thanks to the internet and Pinterest, I don't need to wait for a flight to peruse gorgeous wedding photos and today I'm going to share a few of my recent favorites. 

1. Photos in a Nursery - I think this is such a creative and less expensive alternative for beautiful wedding photos bursting with colourful blooms.


2. Lace, Lace, and More Lace - Delicate shawls, layered over incredibly feminine white lace bridesmaid dresses, make this entire look incredibly soft and romantic


3. Props to the Rescue -  I'm a sucker for a good photo booth and the fabulous, somewhat candid photos they can produce. These photos are even more fun, and spontaneous, with some fabulous props. I really love the superhero props below, as well as the bright sunglasses further down to add a touch of fun to photos and pull double duty during a shade-less ceremony.



4. Everlasting Favors - I adore the idea of a gift that isn't wasteful, after putting all of our belongings in storage we quickly realized how much "stuff" we accumulated over two short years. These tree saplings are not only good for the environment but are long lasting and a cool alternative to Jordan Almonds.

Sometimes I get strange looks when people find out I'm perusing a wedding magazine without any desire to plan a wedding in the near future - for me it's more about admiring the lovely little ideas and gorgeous DIY ideas than the fact that they are for a wedding. If there were event planning magazines full of the same ideas for birthday parties, graduations, and anniversaries I'd be reading those too.

And by the way, you can always check in on our travel progress over here.


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