Thursday, January 31, 2013

Five Minute Bunting Birthday Card

Scrap fabric, ribbon, and glue - the 5 minute bunting card was born

After whipping up an incredible cake for my mom's birthday, gift wrapping and buying a card were pushed to the last minute; in the end gift wrapping didn't happen, sorry mom!

Without a card, I needed to come up with a DIY version quick and turned to one of the most adorable trends plastered all over the internet right now - bunting. 

My Inspiration...

Festive birthday cake (via)

Cute little necklace (via)

Birthday invites - love the bright hues! (via)

This card was not only incredibly easy to make, it also didn't require any special materials and was ready in less than five minutes (plus some drying time for the glue). It's also amazingly cute if you ask me. 

Easy yet effective, there's nothing better for Birthdays than bunting

Using some basic card stock, folded in half (hamburger style - remember learning hotdog and hamburger style?) I sketched the bunting first with a pencil and cut the little flags from scrap fabric and ribbon. After laying everything out to ensure it looked nice, I went over the pencil with permanent marker and then glued my flags down. A few minutes of drying time later, the card was complete! 

Free, easy, and cute - so much better then spending five dollars at a card store!

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