Monday, February 4, 2013

Typography, Quotes, and DIY Art

"Because even the smallest of words can be the ones to hurt you, or save you." 
                                                                           - Natsuki Takaya                                   

When it comes to filling my home I want every piece to be special. Whether simply beautiful, full of sentimental value, or capable of eliciting emotion, each piece builds on the other to generate a specific mood in the room. Art is a great way to add this personalized touch to a room and as it doesn't need to serve a functional purpose, it's only purpose is to represent you. 

Art can also be pricey, and as we've established that it's purely decorative it can be hard to lay down your hard earned cash for something that simply hangs on the wall. Luckily, it's quite easy to whip up something personalized yourself for a fraction of the cost - photographs, children's drawings, sketches, and paintings - and now with the help of Photoshop you can create professional looking posters. 

Inspiration-a-plenty can be found everywhere, with Etsy and Pinterest being my go to resources, and after a casual glance my gears started turning...


Blame it on the proximity to Valentine's Day, or just the fact I'm a hopeless romantic, but I immediately knew the beautiful prose of F. Scott Fitzgerald would marry perfectly with these graphic, modern, typography posters. Unfortunately, nailing down just which line to use from his many beautiful stories was easier said than done. After finally settling on a couple, I played around with different fonts, textures, and layers in Photoshop for quite some time, becoming lost in my experiments.

Using Photoshop and this simple tutorial I was able to create these typography posters of my own in a few short hours. The best part is that they are absolutely free to make, and the perfect rainy (or snowy) day activity, and therefore easy to interchange whenever I want to try something new. 

I'm planning to print them on a good quality paper and frame them in crisp white frames, once of course we're settled in a place of our own and have some wall space for them. 

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