Thursday, February 7, 2013

Learning to Knit in 2013 - Part I

Looking for a new challenge to keep me busy, a couple wonderful friends turned me onto knitting and after only a couple weeks I can't put it down!

Although I've spent my fair share of time ripping out stitches and making mistakes, I've also dedicated a lot of time on the basics, rows and rows of knit stitches and then endless purl stitches, to ensure I have the hang of it before moving on. I look at knitting as a long term hobby, not something to be rushed, and over the past month I've moved from borrowing needles and yarn to buying my own and wrapping up my first official knitting project.

I'll be sharing that project soon, but in the mean time here are a few of my practice rounds. The good news when it comes to knitting is that small improvements result in big results and these scraggly scarf-looking bits won't be coming from my needles for much longer!

I absolutely adore knitting and can't stop pinning beautiful (and intricate) patterns I hope to one day complete. Not only is knitting wonderfully portable, I carry it around in my purse all the time, it's also relatively affordable, my needles were six dollars and a skein of yarn was seven, and keeps my hands from reaching for a snack while watching television at night. Anything that trims your waistline, or at least slows it from expanding, while lounging in pajamas is my kind of hobby!


  1. You are a natural knitter, that's for sure! I look forward to seeing your finished goods. xo Stace.

  2. Thanks so much Stace, I'm really loving it!

  3. I admire you taking on this goal. I want to learn to knit, and re-learn to crochet, but I think both are goals for my future...not my now. In the meantime, I will cheer you!

    1. Thanks, it's been really fun and addictive so far!