Monday, February 11, 2013

Say 'I Love You' with Breakfast in Bed this Valentine's Day

Romantic Parisian breakfast (via)

My boyfriend and I aren't big into Valentine's Day. Not because we're jaded and think the card companies and florists are out to get us, or because we like going against the established norm, we just simply feel that there are so many opportunities to show love for one another that make a heart shaped box of candy seem a bit silly*.

Shoulder massages, a card to say "I'm thinking of you", scrapping the others windshield after a heavy snowfall... there are endless ways to show someone you care that don't cost a lot, and a delicious breakfast in bed may be my new favorite!

My favorite for many reasons, it's hard to beat a great breakfast, I love this idea because it allows you to be really creative. Although bacon and eggs or pancakes may be traditional, if you're trying to eat healthy or pull this off mid-week it isn't very practical. Instead of trying to create something enormous and complex why not go for simple and charming using your loved one's favorite ingredients? 

Some inspiration to get the gears turning...

For a fresh and healthy start to the day, why not opt for a fruit and yogurt parfait or half a grapefruit with some whole grain toast? It may not be a significant departure from the norm but will still be much appreciated with a glass of fresh squeezes orange juice or steaming coffee.

Pretty Parfaits (via)
Juicy grapefruit (via)

If you're time pressed in the mornings, a simple croissant with some sparkling cranberry juice or homemade scones (made the night before) and warm cup of chai tea are easy to prepare while making the recipient feel special. Find my all time favorite cranberry scone recipe here.

Flaky blueberry scones are hard to beat (via)

For something with a Valentine's Day twist, the classic egg in a basket becomes extra special with the help of a heart shaped cookie cutter, or try heart shaped French Toast with some beautiful red strawberries piled on top.

Eggs in a basket, Valentine's Day edition (via)

And finally, if time and effort aren't an issue, it's hard to beat a warm gooey cinnamon bun (my favorites), mouth watering Eggs Benedict, or an adorable heart shaped marshmallow bobbing in a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

Pretty little marshmallows (via)

Take a bit of extra time for the small details - cutlery rolled in a nice napkin, a crystal glass or champagne flute, butter or jam in a small side plate - and your breakfast, no matter how easy to prepare, will be all the more special. Don't forget a sweet note or romantic card reminding your sweetie of all the things you love about them.

Then, after all your hard work, snuggle in bed and enjoy a few extra minutes together before the day starts.

*With that being said, the romantic inside me awwwwes whenever a coworker gets flowers at work, and my poor boyfriend has to hear all about how beautiful they were.

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