Friday, April 26, 2013

Ending up on Etsy

Perusing the internet on a Friday evening, waiting for my boyfriend to get home so we can eat dinner, I stumbled over to Poppytalk, a wonderful Canadian design blog if you haven't yet had the pleasure, only to read about an exciting Etsy and West Elm pop-up shop hitting Vancouver later this month. 

With Vancouver only a few short hours away I had to check it out, which led me to the individual Etsy sites for each vendor participating... an hour of browsing beautiful things later and my Christmas shopping is complete, or might as well be. 

Sometimes I find Etsy a little bit intimidating, there are so many vendors and so many products that one search pulls up hundreds of pages of results. It's very simple to be sucked in, only to surface hours later unsure of what just happened. Therefore I love to read up on other people's favorite sellers, and to hear that they are getting together in Vancouver is just too exciting!

Here are a few of my favorite item's from the featured sellers, you can find the entire list on Poppytalk here, as well as all the event information.

These cufflinks are made from bamboo. I love the little teepee tents!  (by Cabin)

Can you believe this is a soother clip, perfect for the preppiest of babies. (by DownHomeAmy)

A gorgeous Merlot Sea Salt that has my mouth watering with sweet and salty flavour ideas (by The Pink Peppercorn)

Every Vancouverite needs their own set of jealousy inflicting chopsticks (by StorieBrooke)

Unfortunately, even being so close, it doesn't look like I'll be able to sneak down for the weekend. However if anyone lives in the area and decides to go please feel free to gloat away, I will live through you vicariously. 

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