Monday, April 18, 2011

Fabric Choices and Choices and Choices

I am not very good at making decisions. Oddly enough the decisions that give me the most trouble could be classified as 'fun and easy'. Give me a tough situation and I can muster up some pro/con lists, cry a little, and get it done - but ask me where I want to go for dinner and we might starve to death.

As a result of putting off some of these 'fun and easy' decisions my little house is stuck in a rut. Among the poor suffering rooms and projects are these lovely little cane chairs.

I must say my little cane chairs have been extremely patient with me - they've been sitting in the garage for months without any complaints, while I try to make some decisions about how they should look. I really want to use some fun and punchy fabric but have been unable to find anything locally that I like - now I'm taking this task to the internet.

Unfortunately, although brilliant, the internet has provided me with an overwhelming amount of options but not an unlimited budget. Here are the few I've narrowed it down to - for now...

All from

Waverly Parterre - Grass $15.98 per yard
Ty Pennington Home Decor Impressions - Honeycomb Gray $16.99 per yard
Premier Prints ZigZag - Chartreuse/White $6.98 per yard

Premier Prints Butterfly - True Turquoise $6.98 per yard
Premier Prints Suzani Slub Texture - Yellow/White $6.98 per yard
Premier Prints Ozborne - True Turquoise $6.98 per yard

Waverly Small Talk - Azalea $13.98 per yard
Waverly Ellis - Flamingo $8.98 per yard
Premier Prints Traditions - True Turquoise $6.98 per yard

I am leaning towards using two coordinating fabrics per chair - one fabric for the front and seat and a second fabric for the back. The chairs don't necessarily have to match, I'm not really a matchy kind of girl, so I can potentially buy 4 different fabrics (the more the merrier!)

If my math is correct (and it very well may not be) I think I'll need one yard of fabric for each front and a half yard for each back. Even when I factor in shipping costs, the price is comparable to anything available in town and the selection is sooooo much better!

Here are a few pairs that I am looking at:

Any opinions out there? Please share! What would you choose?



  1. I love the yellow one and the two turquoise ones!

  2. I like either of the bottom options, and the middle left one!!

  3. I like the two turquoise ones on the bottom left and the yellow and turquoise ones on the middle right! Very cute idea and the chairs are beautiful!