Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P-P-Problems Posting

Obviously by the title I'm still not really over yesterday's Lady Gaga themed post - and fun fact, Poker Face is my favorite Gaga song...

But let's get down to business. A few people have mentioned that they have had trouble posting comments. This of course I don't want - I LOVE your comments and want to encourage them so any sort of difficulties make me a tad cranky.

If this is only a tad cranky...
As an expert problem solver I did a little fact finding to see just what the problem is and guess what? Every person's issues seemed to be centered around this lovely little box...

So many problems from such a little box... So here's the way around this issue if, by chance, you happen to feel the urge to comment!

First, write your brilliant, insightful, kind, funny comment OR give some constructive feedback OR share some ideas about posts or content or whatever you feel like!

Second, from 'that' box [comment as] select anonymous - unless you have a google account or one of the other options to use

Third, select [post comment], cross your fingers, and wait for what seems like forever to see if it works!

*Note - if you post under anonymous and don`t mind adding your name in your post please do - I always like knowing who you are - but if not by all means don`t stop and post in secret!

That should be it, post away my dears - I really do love getting your input and opinions!


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