Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lady Gaga + Crazy Outfits = Sleek Sexy Rooms?

Last weekend while having some drinks with the girls the conversation turned to Lady Gaga. I am definitely a fan - her music is so catchy and original (except for 'Born this Way' which is very Madonna-ish). I will admit that she is a little different - ok maybe a lot different - but hey, whatever floats you boat!

Although she has been 'on the scene' for a few years now, Lady Gaga's outfits continue to surprise. There was a meat dress, a hair dress, and a Hello Kitty dress, to mention a few memorable ensembles. Most of the chatter around Lady Gaga seems to focus on a) how outrageous she is and b) the impact and influence she has on fashion trends. 

A trend is a trend my friend so it was easy to pair pictures to show the link between Lady Gaga, fashion, and interior decor...
Red Bathroom via
Turquoise and Zebra Bedroom via Decor Pad
Grey and Dusty Rose Office via Decor Pad
Black Bedroom
Purple and Yellow Office via Decor Pad
My favorite thing about these pairs I've put together is that they show how sleek, modern, and sexy a room can be even if the inspiration is 'out there'. You wouldn't catch me in any of these outfits but I would live in any of the rooms!

Maybe I'll try using this Lady Gaga hair style as inspiration for my second bedroom? I'm picturing soft mauve walls, crisp white bedding, and soft net suspended over the bed.

One trend I can't really see catching on or transferring into my house - face implants. What was she thinking???



  1. Lady gag is the extreme to my awesome. These are beautiful and I think you should recreate one?. J

  2. lol lmfao trololol

    you are joking?? no dont do it, you will only lower your social status.....even lower