Friday, May 27, 2011

A Bit of Brilliance - Words to Laugh By

Last weekend while wasting constructively using my time to peruse Pinterest I stumbled upon the website Brotips. I'm not normally one for inspirational Internet quotes (is it just me or are they everywhere?). BUT, then I started scrolling through the website and I just had to share a few of my favorites.

As if sharing awesome and funny quotes wasn't enough, I'm also going to share a few deep, dark, dirty little secrets too. It's really your lucky day.

I'm a lover, not a fighter but I've also been blessed with the curse of a quick tongue - yes it is a blessing and a curse and sometimes things just come out before I can stop myself... The most embarrassing thing I've ever said? I hope you get pregnant and die. Not nice. Not funny. Not quick witted...

I once admitted to going to a Nickelback concert (when I was 12!) - It almost cost me my relationship... I wish I was just being dramatic.

I may or may not have a signed 8x10 of Robert Pattinson on my TV console table - I'm not ashamed to admit it - If I do in fact have one...

I really (really, really) like making Harry Potter references in public. I just can't really help myself and I don't really care who hears me. Nothing beats the awkward silence after a burn involving the word Hogwarts while eating lunch at work... Also I went to a Harry Potter themed party once - I was 21...

This may be my new mantra. I knew someone once that wrote inspirational quotes on their mirror with erasable marker. However this person also woke me up by tickling my toes and we really weren't at that stage in our friendship - now I'm second guessing the whole mantra thing...

It doesn't embarrass me, but my friends are ashamed - I'm a big Taylor Swift fan AND I'm going to her concert in September! Yep, just me and 20,000 pre-teens rocking it at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. I know you're jealous.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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