Thursday, May 26, 2011

There's no I in Blog - but there is a G for Gaga

For the first time since I've started blogging (a whole 3 months now - woot!) my American visitors have surpassed those checking in from Canada this week!

Although as a Canadian I sometimes, on occasion, feel a strong urge to slam Americans (the result of Olympic Hockey + the gene for competitiveness) however this time I did a little happy dance. Why? Because this means that people are coming here - accidentally, intentionally, or by force, it's all good!

Most visitors seem to be stopping by to catch a glimpse at Lady Gaga's face implants (from a post a few weeks back) and although I hope some of you find me witty, and come back often, I completely understand if this isn't the case.

If you've already read too much - where are the darn pictures!?! - don't fear, you can check out Lady Gaga in all her glory (and rooms matching her outfit) here...

If you missed the implants here you go...

P.S. Based on an interview I saw (sans implants) I think they are fake!
Apparently, if the numbers had their way, my Lady Gaga post would be crowned the best I've written to date - by a ton!

Inflated ego aside, I don't give too much credit to numbers - I hate math! Even though people may be ending up here unintentionally I think there are some regulars out there as well and I wanted to say I love you all! 

I got into this whole blog thing because I needed a creative outlet and quickly fell head over heels. I have so much fun putting posts together and coming up with ideas. However, I must admit, the Gaga theme was suggested by a very lovely friend and, since it worked so well...

If you are working on something (anything!)  feel free to brag away here - projects, blogs, ideas, and opinions are all welcome! You can comment or send me details and pics to my personal email address below.

AND, If you'll let me, I'd love to share your projects here for everyone to enjoy! I will however be attaching a random Lady Gaga photo to each post to increase viewership...

Here's today's - Born This Way dropped this week!

Looks like the implants are back...

Calli (what? It's from high-school - cut me some slack!)

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