Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Road Trip? Yes Please!

I think I need to make a trip to Vancouver - soon.

There's just something wonderful for me in making the drive to Vancouver, music blaring, windows down, sunshine streaming in... Of course it isn't always sunny but still...

I don't mind making some stops along the way, taking my time - I always catch myself caught off guard by the gorgeous mountain peaks (even though I've seen them so many times).

It's been a few months since my last visit to Ikea and although I don't really need anything or have any big purchases in mind I'm having withdrawal. Like the romantic notion of a road trip to Vancouver, Ikea in Richmond calls to me - It doesn't help that I can peruse the website from home and make wish lists a mile long.

And if I'm already online I might as well check out Urban Outfitters and Kijiji furniture listings for the Lower Mainland...

My home is filled with a lot of hand me down pieces and thrift store finds but I've relied on Ikea to fill in the gaps. A TV console table, a couple side tables, some bright printed fabric... It's hard to beat Ikea's prices and they keep coming out with better and better designs. 

This Ikea planter is lovely! I really like the lace cut patten around the rim and could always use more white (and more plants!) - I'll take a dozen (or close to it) at only $2.99 a pop!
I'm thinking of setting up a craft area in my garage - and the foundation of a good craft room is a good table! Although I'd love to DIY a table using some hairpin legs these easel style legs from Ikea will do (especially for my garage) with a simple piece of wood on top. This
This clothes rack from Ikea would be perfect in my craft room to hold bolts of fabric and spare clothes (like winter jackets in the summer). I'm going to have to make use of whatever storage I can find/create and this would put me on the right track.

Did anyone else know we have a Crate&Barrel in Vancouver - When did this happen!?! I love this gigantic sand dollar and I think I could pull it off even without a cottage or farmhouse to display it in.

These wire baskets from Crate&Barrel are glorious! I would like 2 or 3 or 4 for my crafting desk to hold papers, paints, and everything else...

I really like this little metal stand from Urban Outfitters. It's just narrow enough for my entry to hold some keys, shoes, and nicknacks.

And why not finish where we started? White, metal, lace cut trim, this little tray from Urban Outfitters would look lovely on the above mentioned stand in my entryway - can you imagine!?!

Now I just need to keep an eye on the weather channel to pick the right weekend...


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