Monday, May 30, 2011

Hand Me Downs

This weekend I went to visit my grandparents and came home with a pair of vintage leather riding boots! It just so happened that my grandma was getting rid of them AND they fit me - I should have bought a lottery ticket!

The calves are a bit tight (the left more than the right, weird eh?) so I wont be able to tuck jeans into them but I think they'll work out well overall, especially with girlie dresses if I ever have the guts to try and pull it off.

I wore them around the house a lot this weekend - then I got to thinking. Looking around my place it's amazing how many of my favorite pieces have been passed down (or are on loan) from my grandma.
My grandparents have lived in the same house for the better part of 30 years and as a result have accumulated a lot of stuff. Its amazing how much junk can get crammed away but it all has to be dealt with eventually. As a result my grandma's purpose in life has become leading the great purge of 2011.

My new role has quickly become benefactor of said great purge*. 

My grandparent's must have had decent taste because a good portion of the stuff they are getting rid of is retro, mid-century, or vintage and in good shape. As no one else seems to be even remotely interested and I can't turn down my grandma (that wouldn't be helpful at all), I've adopted a lot of new pieces (you know, as a favor).

It all started with my coffee table which is living with me temporarily (it's on loan). It's made of Monkey Pod and my grandparents brought it home from their honeymoon in Hawaii over 50 years ago. It could use a light sanding and oil but I also like the glitter and marker stains from when I was a kid.

I can't believe that this amazing wood poster of the 1923 Calgary Stampede was collecting dust in my grandparent's basement for years. I'm not sure of it's past but I'm thinking it may have come from my great-grandfathers hardware store. 

This little wood side table moved in a few months ago. I really like the size (it's pretty big), colour, and brass inlay on the legs.

This mid-century stool was my birthday gift this year. I'd had my eye on it for a while and the upholstery is original (woot!) - I may or may not have jumped up and down with glee when I unwrapped it. 

I posted about this green molded plastic chair a few weeks back. As my most recent adoptee it is getting the most attention and I am currently trying to track down new feet because one was missing.

So many good things - It makes me sigh to think of what might have been given away years ago...

Now that my house is getting rather full (and my grandparent's is getting empty) I think the only things I'll be taking on and finding a home for are my Barbies (and other childhood toys).


*Don't confuse my attempts to be funny with greed - I promise I'm not going around taking advantage of the elderly.

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