Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wood Pallets with Potential

My aunt and uncle own a turf farm. I'm not trying to brag (did it work?) but the reason I bring this up is that, growing up, they were always just there (great material for constructing forts) and I simply associated them with rolls of turf. 

Well it turns out my little association is all wrong and the pallet actually lives a very famous and glamorous life. Who'd of guessed? Recently I've noticed pallet furnishings all over Pinterest and, as that is where I spend copious amounts of my time, the whole thing is really having an impact on my life.

I'm starting to look at pallets in a whole new light and here are some of my favorites. I must say that although I am drawn to the au-natural wood pallets I can completely respect the painted ones too! 

These images have really got my mind racing with all the amazing things I could make. I guess if my aunt and uncle notice a shortage in their pallet supply they'll have me at the top of the list of potential thieves (most likely rightfully so).



  1. Love the Pallets....... I want a loft now because they won't go in my 50's house.

  2. The pallet headboard would be really nice for the lake


  3. Hey Calli.......Glad you are putting my boots to use! I was home a week ago, and decided that I didn't want the boots anymore, so glad to see you like them. I bought them in the mid 1980's, and very lightly wore them. They were the style for dress boots back then.
    Awesome blog Calli!