Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dining Chair Dilemma

Look what 'happened' to catch a ride home with me this weekend...

Like a shopaholic on Black Friday I just couldn't say no when I spotted this beauty at my Grandma's and she said I could have it. 

It may not be an original Eames Shell Chair (with an Eiffel Base, please Santa) but she is vintage and I love her! The seat is seafoam(ish) green molded plastic and the base is copper colour. Alas, I crammed her into my car (this is getting too common), drove home, and now she is part of the family.

I'm thinking I should start naming them. Don't tell anyone, they'll lock me up for sure.

And that's not it! Apparently temptation is everywhere, imagine the conflicting feelings I have been battling since I spotted this (very much appreciated) comment on my blog.

I want to say yes so badly! My table extends so it could easily accommodate more dining chairs... But my condo is so small I can't fit much more... However when am I ever going to find two more MATCHING chairs? Never!... Yet I have other chairs I could use for a miss-matched look...

My mom offered to store the chairs "because you never know if you'll have more room in the future" - Enabler!

I've been in denial for a very (very very very) long time but I think I have to admit that I have a bit of a problem. It has become a running joke that I should get rid of my couch in order to line up my (quickly growing) chair collection and admire it.

I just don't think I can take on more chairs - especially since I have 3 that still need permanent homes... I should just be strong, call Tyler and politely thank him but say no (a little piece of me died just typing it!). 

I am officially stuck between a rock and a pair of beautiful dining chairs...



  1. Just do it! Think how sad you'll be one day when you need more chairs and have to admit to yourself you missed out! :P

  2. Hello storage!! You can't say no to matching chairs Calli. Plus then you could come see me in Kelowna :)

  3. Let's be serious... are you really questioning this or did you just write the blog post to appease your conscience and get words of encouragement from your friends?

    Do I even have to say it???????????
    GET THE CHAIRS! Or, at the very least, ask about prices and condition and check them out in person! I absolutely agree with your very intelligent mother that you likely wont always be in a small condo... plus, I prefer to think of it as "voice of reason" rather than "enabler"! Plus, Tyler seems so nice - how can you resist a PERSONAL invite to OO? haha