Monday, May 9, 2011

Pin Crazy

It felt like forever (I'm rather impatient) but I'm finally going pin crazy over at Pinterest!

The lovely people over at Pinterest sent me an invite about a week ago and since then I've been getting my pin on! I was super excited to get started - which only made the waiting process feel that much longer.

And guess what? It's even better than I thought! Oh the inspiration - A girl could get lost in the gorgeous images...

Here are a few brilliant images I've found lately.


You can check out my boards (yes that's plural - told you I was going pin crazy!) over here.



  1. I feel like I like this and want to be on it (yes, I said that) but I don't think I really get it..... you just look through other people's stuff and repin what you like and then it shows up on your page? And you could make different pages with different themes? I'm confused. Please explain!!!!

    Also, text me your phone number: I lost it when I traded in my dud phone for a new one!

  2. I know I didn't get it at first either. Its basically like having a bulletin board online... the reason I like it is because there are so many amazing pictures and ideas! You can look at other people's boards and get ideas but I mainly use it as a catch all for my own internet finds.

    Initially I was saving pictures to my computer but then I couldn't remember where things were and where they were from... then I started bookmarking EVERYTHING and it was a pain in the butt - I couldn't find things very easy and had to open a tab just to remind myself what it was.

    Now I simply click my little "Pin It" button on my internet tool bar and it automatically saves the picture to my Pinterest Board - then I can go there and look at all my amazing finds AND get a link to where they are.

    I spend some (ok a lot) of time perusing my favorite blogs so that's where most of my pictures come from.

    This is a huge help when blogging because sometimes I post about a theme and I can get ideas from looking over all my pictures. Also, I am always collecting images of ideas I'd like to try one day... I think it's good too because if you see something on my blog that you like but I've done a crappy job of citing where I found it I will most likely have the source pinned and therefore can find it again.

    Perhaps it's just me - as a kid I clipped pictures from magazines all the time and I think that this is the exact same except online and oh so easy.

    I'm just really in the need for inspiration lately and this is where I'm finding it :)

  3. Jessie SheppardMay 9, 2011 at 7:54 PM

    Love it.