Friday, May 6, 2011

A Bit of Brilliance - Pink Punch

I can't  help but cringe when I hear people say things like "I'm just not a green person" or "I really don't like orange". How can one just completely write off an entire colour? I mean there has to be a shade that you like!

As a lover of colour in general I can't think of one I wouldn't use in my home. Cherry red, burnt orange, mustard yellow, apple green, deep turquoise, robin's egg blue, and eggplant... I'd have a rainbow of feature walls if I had enough room!

I will admit that I'm guilty of always picking up the same coloured clothes when shopping (blue and black are my go to picks!) but when it comes to my home I think I've got a pretty good mix going on.

Pink is one of those colours that keeps getting a bad rap and I don't really know why. I've seriously considered painting my second bedroom a shade of pink or two and I love a (tall, dark, handsome) man in a pink polo shirt...

So if you are a hater its time to give pink another chance. 

Pinterest via Design*Sponge
If you are a bit hesitant try taking baby steps - one punch of pink in a pillow, blanket, piece of art or furniture (slip covered perhaps) does the trick.

Modern Pink Chair - Apartment Therapy

Bubble Gum Pink Staircase - Apartment Therapy
A staircase in bright bubble gum pink is so fun and adds a punch of colour to this mostly white space.

Feature Wall - Style at Home
I think of paint (like hair dye) as temporary - if you don't like it, change it. I love the mix of fuchsia and green in this bedroom.

And to prove that I can walk the walk... besides a lovely pink throw in my living room (on my gray couch - love it!) and sweet beside lamps, here's how I add a little pink...

Honeysuckle Pink Mirror

PS. Look what came today!



  1. I love love love the fuchsia and green room! Really makes me want to paint a wall in my house that color!

    Also a big fan of the tiel wall in the first photo!


  2. Krista, We could paint a wall like that you know... just saying