Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tartan is the new Plaid

A couple weeks ago at work we started Tartan Tuesday... it's probably not that exciting unless you a) Live in the back country or b) Are as big a dork as I am.

I guess Tartan Tuesday is really Plaid Tuesday but let's be honest, that doesn't sound as good. Also, we have some Aussies on site and apparently they call it tartan over there. Hence tartan is the new plaid.

It started as a bit of a joke with everyone (ok like 3 people) wearing their best plaid shirts to work. I guess you do what you can to make each day exciting. I only have one plaid shirt so I'm alternating weeks but the whole thing got me thinking about plaid in general.

I tend to associate plaid with cottages, hunting, fishing, and my electrician brother. I started wondering if plaid can ever look sleek, cool, and modern (not that you aren't bro!).

Plaid floor via Norine likes this stuff

Plaid Eames! via Today and Yesterday

Great Plaid Stairs via Matters of Style

What a great headboard!

Fantastic Plaid Wallpaper via iconicchic

Plaid rug via This is Glamorous

I know there isn't any colour but aren't some of the best things in life black and white? Oreos, Zebra's, Photography... I rest my point.


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  1. cottages, hunting, fishing, and your electrician brother, all awesome