Monday, June 6, 2011

Eye Candy!

I think in a previous life I might have been a bird (or a pack-rat but let's stick with the bird analogy). Why a bird you may ask? Lately I seem to find myself drawn to shiny things - more than usual. Most of these sparkly bits are members of the jewelery family - online, on the street, at work - I just can't get enough!
On a side note, if I were a bird, what kind of bird would I be? Hopefully something pretty like a peacock or resplendent quetzal (it's real - Google it!).

Unfortunately my love of jewelery is mostly left to daydreaming. Although I'd love to start a giant collection, take it back to my nest, and show off to all the other birds in the park (I think I've seen this storyline before on the Real Housewives), it isn't in the cards right now.

For some reason, starting a collection of gorgeous gems always seems to get pushed down the to do list by other pressing financial issues - darn groceries, mortgage, and car insurance! The funny thing is, that even if I didn't have these expenses, the money I'd be able to put towards pretty shiny things wouldn't build much of a collection anyways.

Never one to be deterred I've started my own little collection online. If I can't own, hold, wear, and brag about these fabulous pieces then I might as well stalk them online and daydream about what I can't have right?

Here are some of my current favorites - far from the Hope Diamond* but still lovely!

Everyday pieces -simple, lady like and understated

Ampersand pendent via Pinterest

Large Disc Ring via Pinterest

Mussel Pendent (A Favorite!) via Pinterest

Lotus Leaf Necklace via Etsy

Natural Stone - Modern, organic, and far from fussy

Simple silver with Turquoise via Etsy

Deep Blue and Gold via Pinterest

Sea Glass Pendent via Etsy

Natural Stone Ring via Etsy

Chunky - statement making and attention grabbing

Lovely large ring via Pinterest
Copper Studded Cuff via Etsy
Turquoise beaded necklace via Etsy

Leather wrap bracelet via Pinterest

Multi-stand Bead Necklace via Pinterest

Colourful - fun, flamboyant, and funky

Rainbow Necklace via Pinterest

Purple Wire Wrapped Ring via Etsy

Brass and Purple Necklace via Pinterest

Turquoise Flower Ring via Pinterest

Green Teardrop Earrings via Pinterest

The internet is amazing but it sure can cause havoc for my finances - If I'm going to keep ogling jewelery online I'm going to have to put my credit card in a block of ice!

*Titanic - Thanks for, at a very young age, creating unrealistic expectations and reaffirming that size really does matter.

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  1. Just in case you want to dream-spend a little more money... and also have some pretty things! :)