Tuesday, June 7, 2011

There Must be Something in the Water...

A while back I posted about Lady Gaga, comparing her outrageous outfits to stunning rooms. Then, a week or so ago I talked about the huge impact that post (and Gaga's face implants) had on my little ol' blog.

Those posts got me thinking. Lady Gaga is great because she is strong, true to herself, and doesn't care what people think. But you know what? Gaga isn't the only dame out there doing her thing and making me want to dance. Katy Perry wears, sings, and says what she wants and for that she is the next lucky lady to be featured here!

Katy Perry's outfits may not be as outrageous as Lady Gaga's - I haven't seen her don a meat dress yet, but she definitely has her own unique style. Equal parts quirky and retro pin up girl, Katy Perry definitely isn't afraid to show a little skin, or leg, or boob...

An innocent enough pink dress (although we can't see the hem line...) and bright blue 
belt - perfectly paired with a retro styled couch and pink tufted pillows!

Blue and Pink Room

The stripes aren't the only thing that match this modern living room - the shine and reflection of the red, white, and black wall, mirror the satin sheen of this flirty strapless dress.
Red Living Room via HousetoHome

I  love this ornate headboard which works perfectly with soft, romantic, ruffled sheets... just like Katy's dress! 

Room via EmbracethePretty

I'm probably too timid to pull off a zebra jumper like this but I wouldn't think twice about incorporating a great zebra rug into my place. Pair it with some royal blue - Heaven!

Room via Fashionable Interiors

Betcha didn't think I'd be able to find a room to reflect Katy Perry futuristic Alien makeup from her E.T. video... 

Futuristic Room via Design. Thoughts. Life

While we're on the topic, can we please take a minute to recognize that Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel look exactly the same? 

Via chronicles of a diet book junkie
My boyfriend thinks they're the same person but I think it's more likely that they're twins - I wonder which one is evil...


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