Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hey, Check This Out...

This week I've stumbled upon two really great websites (well, one is a blog) that I want to share. The first one features someone by the name Lauren Conrad -apparently she was on some show or something? and the second is a great resource for getting in shape and tracking weight loss progress. 

The Beauty Department
Ok, so I HAVE seen The Hills and know who Lauren Conrad is - I promise not to refer to her as LC for the duration of this post. It turns out that she has her own blog (with Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine) that offers hair and make-up tutorials, tools and products. 

I will admit that the tutorials are my favorite part of the site - they include lots of photos and the instructions are very clear. I have given a couple different hair tutorials a go and they worked well, even with my extremely thick hair. 

10 minute waves

My Fitness Pal
My friend actually passed along this little gem a while back (months and months ago honestly) and I never got around to really checking it out until now - which is a real shame because it is fantastic! First, and most importantly, it's entirely free. After making a profile, which takes little time, you can set goals and track your daily food consumption, exercise, weight, and measurements.

The thing I like most about this sight is that it allows you to quickly punch in your meals for the day and calculate your caloric intake (their database of food is huge!). I find that recording what I eat forces me to make smarter choices and pay attention instead of mindlessly grabbing something and shoving it in my mouth. 

Also, there is no better motivation to get your butt off the couch than seeing that your food choices weren't that stellar for the day. 

And...please, please, please approach any program like this with the goal of being healthy and getting fit. Be smart, move ahead gradually, and it never hurts to talk to your doctor first...

So there you have it,  two new websites to fill what little free time I can find...


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