Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hooray for Houndstooth!

There is something about houndstooth that catches my eye. It doesn't matter where I am or how good (or really bad) it looks - I can't help but do a double take.

When I started decorating my house I knew I wanted a punch of graphic houndstooth, which came in the form of a shower for my guest bathroom. The choices out there were limited (made of cheap plastic with a hefty price tag!) so I took matters into my own hands. I'd heard rumblings that a fabric store a couple towns over had some cotton print houndstooth (none of this suiting fabric) and I was lucky to get over there immediately and pick some up (I may or may not have used a vacation day...). Then, like most of my projects, it sat for a while until I actually got down to work.

In theory, it was really quite simple to make - just a large rectangle to fit the size of my shower. Of course it got a little more complex and at one point I needed to replace my supplies after driving away with my hammer and grommet kit on the hood of my car... My fabric wasn't wide enough so I cut it into two long pieces and sewed them together. Then, I hemmed all four sides and put some grommets into the top for the curtain hooks.

Although I have a little piece of houndstooth to feast my eyes on daily I just can't get enough....

This dress - paired with the bright blue belt - is amazing! Why is it always so hard to find a decent sized houndstooth print? Everything is so small and blends to look all gray and blah. THIS one is punchy and glorious...

Via Pinterest

This room is equal parts romantic and modern. The layering makes the monochromatic decor look warm and multi-dimensional instead of cold and sterile. The houndstooth initially caught my eye but I equally love the side table and chandelier...

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I loved this room from the moment I spotted it over at Parlour. The dark walls, antique touches, huge (homemade) light fixture... and the houndstooth rug is the cherry on top! Again, where do people find these wonderful large scale prints?


Is there any better way to add houndstooth to an outfit than with accessories? These heels are lovely, although I wouldn't be able to walk very far...

Via Pinterest

Houndstooth doesn't have to be just black and white - although between you and I it's my favorite. This iPhone case is amazing - if I was lucky enough to own an i-phone this is definitely the kind of case I'd be searching for!

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Who said houndstooth is just for the adults? I love this nursery because it isn't all pink and blue and childish. I think, the fact I'd put my personal opinions first when decorating a nursery, is a sign I'm not ready for kids...

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