Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Bit of Brilliance - Great Giftables

It isn't my birthday - but I'll never say no to presents... Here are some of the lovely things I have found online this week and really, really, really love!

I watched Becoming Jane the other night and now am on a bit of a Jane Austin kick. This Pride and Prejudice cuff recites Chapter 34, Mr Darcy's impromptu marriage proposal to Elizabeth Bennet...

via Pinterest
I already own a lovely hounds-tooth shower curtain (then again I made it myself so I might be a bit biased) but this has me second guessing everything. I love the light cream colour, soft ruffles, and overall romantic feel. If I was lucky enough to call this beauty my own I'd throw it a little welcome home paint party and re-do the entire bathroom!

via Anthropologie

Pantone paint hues are known worldwide so it only makes sense that they'd branch out into goodies for the home - and now you can match your coffee mug to the dining room feature wall! But what colour(s) to choose? I'm partial to honeysuckle (2011 colour of the year!) but I wouldn't be able to turn down mustard yellow, turquoise, deep purple, kelly green...

via Pinterest

I really love these sandals! I can't wear open toes shoes at work for safety reasons but I'd slip into these gorgeous flats as soon as I hit the parking lot! I love the mix of brown leather, gray suede, and brass hardware. Also, how friggen amazing is the nail head trim?

via sundance

I can't find a word of English on the website but that didn't stop me from drooling over this amazing clutch. I was won over by the wood frame and delicate beaded embellishment.

via Pinterest

I really like these pillow covers - especially the x's and o's. So much colour in such a little punch - and they are made of organic cotton... 

via PBTeen

My home is without a medicine cabinet, which I am ok with - My band-aids however are lacking a proper home. I really like this industrial style first aid kit, and why shouldn't my medical supplies be chic?
via Pinterest
I really don't need any more dishware or glassware - in fact, if I bring any more home there will be big problems. That being said, I really can't resit these adorable bowls. The patterns are just so fantastic!
via Pinterest

If my mom has her way there will be grandkids running around sooner rather than later - I'm thinking I'll play more of an aunt roll, if you know what I mean... This great growth chart can act as art until then (really I'd have a problem marking it up for a few silly kids...)

via Pinterest


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  1. I love the shower curtain - can I buy it? Can you send me the link? I also love the grow chart and maybe I should buy it and put it away for several years and then bring it out when the first grandchild is tall enough to stand. I would colour code each child with a special marker and let them pick their colour. I also like the first aid kit so if you order - get two and I will take one to the lake.
    Love Mom