Friday, July 29, 2011

A Bit of Brilliance - BC Day, Best Idea Ever!

It feels like I've had about 15 minutes of down time this week... I've been working a ton and could really use a long weekend (BC Day, you've always had perfect timing). 

This post will be short and sweet (before I fall asleep at the computer!) and I'll be back on Tuesday - unless the weather is nice and I choose to tan instead of blog...

Grocery shopping has fallen off my growing to do list and with so much running around and nothing in the fridge I am starving - probably not the best time to peruse recipes but...

Ice cream sandwich cake via Pinterest

When I'm super tired I tend to get a bit giggly - needless to say I found this rather entertaining

T-Rex via Pinterest

I saw mugs like these last weekend in Vancouver and fell in love - I used to have a Little Miss. Bossy shirt. I decided to look for them cheaper on the internet and guess what? Found em!

Little Miss Mug  via Pinterest

Once it's out there you find it showing up in random places at not-so-convenient times...

Poster via Pinterest

This is just a genius summer art project - that I NEED to try!

Crayola Art via Pinterest


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  1. I am in love with the Crayola art. Amazing!!