Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Colour Palettes

I've seen enough Sarah Richardson and Nate Berkus to know that designers often work off of one piece when designing a room (be it fabric, furniture, art...).

I've also seen some really great colour palettes like these floating around online. What I love most is that any photo can be inspiring and the colours make so much more impact pulled out of the image...

via Pinterest                                 via Pinterest

One of my favorite websites that regularly features an inspiring image and coordinating palette is Creature Comforts developed and curated by Ez. Seriously, it's amazing, go check it out!

I've read that you can use photoshop to make colour palettes, however if you don't use photoshop - or, like me are still learning your way around it - there are some colour palette generators out there too! Simply upload your photo and it does all the hard work for you.

Since I am trying to better my photoshop skills I Googled for a tutorial and got to work following the directions and backtracking to fix my mistakes. Far from perfect, I'd like to practice putting the colours on white space to the side, here is my first attempt. 

So clearly I have figured out how to paint with a large circle tool directly onto the picture. I see more online tutorials in my future so I can learn how to make professional looking colour palettes.

I've talked a lot in the past about my spare bedroom - the infamous spare bedroom, will she or won't she ever paint it? I'm really hooked on the idea of painting is a soft pink, rose colour and I know that this could be very girly but I keep envisioning a soft, romantic, room. I think that this skirt photo is along the lines of what I want... 

Images: Bridesmaid dresses via Pinterest; Chandelier via Pinterest; Pink skirt via Pinterest

I'll keep you posted on my progress... I think I might try an online colour generator to see if it can give me some paint colour options for that second bedroom.

Until then, anyone know what I'm missing or how to do it better? Please, please, please share!


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