Monday, July 11, 2011

Living Room Lust

How can it possibly be Monday already!?!

I ended up at work for part of the weekend so it felt too short - doesn't time off fly by too quickly in the summer anyway? I managed to get out in the sun a bit but really didn't do much around the house (and I'm not complaining!).

I did however manage to stumble upon this little room planner at Urban Barn and spend some time playing with layouts for my living room. Although I'm pleased with how everything has come together so far, something is missing. Designers/People with a great eye seem to have this ability to just push a room that much further - a skill that I am desperately seeking. 

I don't really want to spend much money, re-paint, or anything that takes a lot of effort so I played around with the layout to see if I could switch it up a bit. 

Here's where my furniture sits right this second...
And... Here's my favorite option (after a lot of time playing around)...
I know it isn't much of a change (wow, I moved the chairs around!) but the space is narrow and long and the TV has to go on the one side so I really can't get too wild and crazy. FYI - those random pieces sitting outside are to remind me that I removed a few items*. That's right, I am trying to streamline and get rid of things!

*Then I can buy more to DIY!

Here are a couple mostly current pictures of my living room for reference.

Without taking on a few projects (any that I decide on will most definitely have to wait for fall) the impact will be minor. But that doesn't mean I can't daydream until autumn rolls around... Soak up some of this inspiration!

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I know that there isn't a whole lot of variation between some of these rooms - an element of wood and some grey with a bit of colour. The good news? I don't have to re-paint!


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