Monday, October 24, 2011

Haunted Halloween - Deathly Decor

When I was growing up our local community centre always put on a great Halloween carnival. There were games galore, a cakewalk, and of course a Haunted House.
Years later I went to Disneyland and again, a Haunted Mansion in all it's glory, waiting to scare the pants off of unsuspecting victims.

I still enjoy a scare now and then - although it's more likely to come from a roller-coaster than a horror movie - and Haunted Houses at Halloween still hold a special place in my heart. In my mind, there really is no other way to decorate for the holiday - the more webs, plastic spiders, skeletons, and blood the better.

Unfortunately I won't be going all out this year - but that doesn't mean I can't admire from afar (or over the Internet...).

Supernatural Bar via Pinterest

Infested Arrangement via Pinterest

Terrifying Tablescape via Pinterest

Spooky Specimen Jars via Pinterest
Ghastly Exterior via Pinterest

Creepy Crows via Pinterest

There are a few days left before Halloween - it's not too late! If you head out now you may just find some decorations marked down from regular price!


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